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Thrive Beyond Challenges

Welcome to the world of Coline Monsarrat, a life-thriver aspirant and an involuntary chronic condition subscriber on a mission to show how you can thrive in life despite challenges. 

As an author, she skillfully blends wisdom, humor, and entertainment to help readers thrive and flourish in life. With her engaging non-fiction work and the exhilarating world of Aria & Liam, Coline takes you on unforgettable adventures that leave you laughing, learning, and discovering the boundless possibilities within yourself. Get ready to embark on a journey of resilience, compassion, and joy as she shows you how to thrive while being thoroughly entertained, turning every page into a delightful experience!

OPTIMISM fuels our PERSEVERANCEGRATITUDE nurtures our COMPASSION, and LEARNING propels our growth.

Embrace all of these values, and you will find the strength to THRIVE in any situation.”


Optimism, a powerful value, transforms our perspective on challenges into opportunities for growth, instilling courage, resilience, and the unwavering belief that with determination, our dreams are within reach, as we embrace endless possibilities and a brighter future.


Perseverance, coupled with an optimistic outlook, empowers us to overcome obstacles and grow stronger by challenging ourselves, fostering determination, resilience, and the belief that difficulties are opportunities for learning, enabling us to push through tough times and achieve true success.


Gratitude helps us shift our perspective, appreciating what we have and finding positivity in life, fostering contentment and happiness even in challenging times, while also enabling us to embrace balance and acceptance amid adversity.


Compassion, a cherished value, involves understanding others’ unique experiences and struggles, allowing us to empathize, treat them with kindness, and foster a more compassionate and connected world, where diverse individuals support and connect with one another, striving towards a more peaceful and harmonious society.


Learning is a core value for continuous growth and development, as stagnation follows when we stop seeking knowledge. Embracing open-mindedness, challenging beliefs, and learning from mistakes are crucial for personal growth.

About Coline

Coline Monsarrat was born with a genetic disease that has shaped her life in ways she could never have imagined. But instead of letting it defeat her, she has used her experiences as a source of strength and inspiration.

In 2022, Coline made the decision to leave her corporate job behind and pursue a career that held more meaning to her. Her book series, “Aria & Liam,” not only ignites children’s imaginations but also imparts the wisdom hidden within historical tales.

Discover Imposter Syndrome as You have never seen it before

When we think about imposter syndrome, we often relate it to businesses or educational fields. But what happens when the syndrome affects other areas of our life, such as our health or relationships?

I experienced this first-hand, and it came with a hefty price tag – my health was at stake, and it became vital to change.

In my book “You Are Not an Imposter”, join me on a transformative journey of understanding, self-discovery, and breaking free from this common syndrome. Uncover its impact on your life, delve into your beliefs, and emerge empowered to embrace your true self.

Aria & Liam playing frisbee

Discover the Adventurous World of Aria & Liam

Aria & Liam is a middle-grade book series that takes readers on adventures through time alongside best friends Aria and Liam. Living as typical 13-year-olds in Sommetville, their lives are forever changed when Aria unlocks a portal to the past, launching them into their first exciting adventure in Ancient Egypt. Throughout the action-packed series, the duo’s bravery, wit, and friendship are put to the test as they must fulfill dangerous missions, outsmart enemies and stay together at all costs. With a hilarious banter that adds excitement to their exploits, Aria and Liam now bicker throughout history. Prepare for a captivating ride blending history, humor, and heart-pounding action, where surprises await at every turn of the page.

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