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Aria from middle-grade book series Aria & Liam

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Liam from middle-grade book series Aria & Liam

The birth of Aria & Liam

A middle-grade book series that transports kids on exciting adventures across history with its two colorful characters:

Aria & Liam.

Aria & Liam are typical 13 years old. They live a pretty normal life in Sommetville, and despite being the best of friends, they fight like cats and dogs.

But their lives changed when Aria opened the door to the past, sending them on their first adventure through Ancient Egypt! 

The first of their many trips to the past. Now they fight like cats and dogs… throughout history!

Will they be able to accomplish their missions? Will they save entire civilizations? Will they stay together despite many pitfalls and struggles? Nobody knows.

Who are Aria & Liam?

Aria from the middle-grade book series Aria & Liam

Hey there! My name is Aria, and I’m just your average 13-year-old living in Sommetville. I’ve got a major love for history, and let me tell you, don’t even try to challenge me on that subject because I’ll win every time! My BFF Liam calls me a walking encyclopedia.

I believe in making every moment count, even if it means breaking a few rules. But this time, my curiosity got the best of me and led me (and Liam) on an epic adventure through the Kingdom of Ramesses II, which is like 3,000 years old! Liam was not too thrilled at first, but he knows he can’t resist a good adventure. Now we’re on a mission to save the day in the past. Talk about living life to the fullest!

Hey there! I’m Liam, a 13-year-old from Sommetville. When I’m not stuck in school, you can find me either coding up a storm in the computer lab or kicking a soccer ball with my friends. That is unless my BFF Aria has some wild idea to drag us into trouble. She’s got a knack for it! One time, she even sent us straight to a 3,000-year-old kingdom. Yup, you heard that right! And, of course, she spent hours talking about history. BOR-ING! But lucky for us, her history chats saved us a few times. Even if it’s also a good thing I haven’t lost my mad archery skills, or we might still be stuck there… or worse! Now we’re like heroes of the past! People from all over the olden days are calling on us to save the day. Crazy, right? Even though I freak out every time we end up getting transported to the past, I have to admit that our adventures are pretty awesome. Just don’t tell Aria I said that, or she’ll talk about it for hours!

Liam from middle-grade book series Aria & Liam

What awaits you within the pages of the books?

Explained by Coline Monsarrat, creator and author of Aria & Liam.


Throughout my life, I have maintained an unwavering passion for history. It not only immerses me in captivating eras of the past but also, as an adult, I recognize the invaluable lessons we can derive from historical events. As we delve deeper into history’s narratives, we come to understand its tendency to repeat itself. Nonetheless, this need not be our inevitable course; we have the capacity to extract wisdom from history, thereby avoiding the replication of past mistakes. Within history’s vast trove of knowledge lies an abundance of life wisdom, accessible and beneficial for all to embrace and learn from.


Life is an adventure: much like scaling a mountain where we encounter both ups and downs. As we embark on these life journeys, we are presented with invaluable opportunities to obtain profound lessons about life and self-discovery. When we view our challenges as thrilling adventures from which we can learn, the journey becomes an extraordinary odyssey that we wish never to end. This is precisely why I found it essential to subject Aria and Liam to demanding adventures, wherein they must push their boundaries to attain success while absorbing priceless insights along the way.


Life becomes even more enjoyable when sprinkled with humor. Having the ability to find the funny side of situations is one of the best qualities we can possess. That’s why humor plays a significant role in the books, even when Aria and Liam encounter challenging circumstances.


How would we manage without our friends? In a world that’s growing increasingly individualistic, I couldn’t help but highlight the immense worth of friendships. We can be resilient on our own, but together, we become even more potent. In the books, both Aria and Liam possess their unique strengths and weaknesses, and neither of them single-handedly saves the other. Instead, they work as a team, utilizing their respective qualities to unravel mysteries and achieve their goals.

Aria & Liam

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